Dinosaur Park Dubai

Dinosaur Park Dubai Overview

Dinosaur Park made its debut in Season 2 of Dubai Garden Glow in 2016. Every year since then, it has attracted a large number of tourists.This contemporary museum transports visitors to the Triassic Period, Jurassic Period and the Cretaceous Period, providing information about the species and their remains. The dinosaur park Dubai offers over 120 animatronic dinosaurs that are life sized and provide unrivaled interactive learning to children by transporting them to ancient eras. Apatosaurus, Corythosaurus, Spinosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus, and Dimetrodon are just a few of the species of dinosaur that the visitors may see here.

It is only open during the winter months of October to May and closed during the rest of the year. You will get the opportunity to discover more about the massive beasts' traits, as well as their distinctive jawbone, footprints, and tooth specialties. You may also go near them and enjoy listening to their resonant roars. The Dinosaur Park Dubai also contains a specialized museum where visitors may learn about the entire life cycle of a gigantic dinosaur, from birth to death. The museum features various interactive exhibits in which you might learn more about the variety of prehistoric species in a fun and exciting manner. The initial and primary goal of Dinosaur Park is to mix education with fun and attract children as well as adults to enjoy this fun world of dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Park Ticket Deals

Ensure that you purchase the dinosaur park Dubai tickets in advance, as it is a very popular attraction where tickets might not be left for you upon your arrival. Buy tickets online to avoid long queues, making it one of the easiest and hassle free ways to book a time slot of your convenience. Buy online dinosaur park Dubai tickets from us, that provides entrance into the park as well as access to a range of rides, shows, and sections. The dinosaur park Dubai ticket prices are free for children under three years old. When purchasing tickets, you can buy several coupons for each individual from us.

However, No cancellations or rescheduling are permitted or the vouchers will be forfeited. Bookings are made according to the demand and capacity.You could also purchase the combo deals under which you will be getting entry into the two beloved parks, the Glow Garden Park and the Dinosaur Park, at the discounted price. These dinosaur park Dubai tickets will get you access to all the major attractions of the two parks like the Return To Dinosaurs, Talking Tree, Stage Shows, Sparkling Garden, Glowing Animals, etc., allowing you to have an enjoyable time with your entire family.

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Highlights Of Dinosaur Park Dubai

Explore Distinct Species of Dinosaurs

This area will prove to be a heaven for history buffs who are interested in the prehistoric monsters that once controlled the planet Earth. The dinosaur park Dubai, which features over 120 massive animatronics, allows you to see these ancient kings, including some well-known species such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, Riojasaurus, and Diplodocus. Learn more about these species by looking at the information presented beneath these massive structures.

Tap into three different Eras of Dinosaurs

The Triassic Period, which stretches back 200 million years and is considered the earliest generation of dinosaurs, is featured at the Dinosaur Park Dubai. The Jurassic Era is the most well-known, dating back to 140 million years, and over 140 million years ago, the Cretaceous Period began. All these eras are showcased here, with skeleton exhibits that offer interesting facts about each era. One can also learn from the engaging placards provided by the authority that provide a wealth of information on these dinosaurs of the time period.

Brace yourselves for Dino Move and Roar

Visit the Dino Move and Roar if you want a more genuine interaction with these beasts. These massive dinosaurs are strategically placed throughout the park and will even roar as you pass by, providing a fun surprise on your tour. Some of them are even programmed to follow you around, allowing you to share in the thrill and excitement of the journey!

Witness Pre-Historic Feel

Get the prehistoric feeling when you visit the Dinosaur Park Dubai due to the many installations the park exhibits. With its blend of rainbow lowlights, acoustics, and lifelike creatures, Dinosaur Park Dubai creates a fantastic ambiance. Some of the dinosaur constructions are even meant to follow you around, so you can share in the adventure's excitement with them.

Dino Rides

Dinosaur Park Dubai also has some exciting dinosaur-themed rides and roller coasters for your children to enjoy. The dino train ride will take your kids under the age of three on an exhilarating excursion around the Dinosaur Park, providing them with a valuable learning experience. Early on, instill a love of dinosaurs in your children by allowing them to seek for dinosaur fossils in a mine-like structure.

Dinosaur Museum

The Dinosaur Museum at the Dinosaur Park Dubai houses authentic-looking reproductions of dinosaur skeletons discovered many years ago. This will allow you to explore the structure of dinosaur bones and see the anatomy of these massive beasts. Prepare to be astonished by the massive size of these skeletons, as you explore the area with your kids.

Interesting Facts About Dinosaur Park Dubai

  • Dinosaur Park Dubai is actually part of Dubai Glow Garden which further is a part of the Zaheel Garden, and was launched in its Second Season.
  • It is the first and only one of its kind Dinosaur park in the Middle East.
  • Dubai Dinosaur Park first had about a 100 installations of gigantic animatronics. However, 20 fresh additions were added in due course of time.
  • It is only open during the winter months of October to May and closed during the rest of the year. Hence make sure to buy the tickets well in advance as the dinosaur park Dubai ticket prices are quite high during these months.
  • The initial and primary goal of Dinosaur Park is to mix education with fun and attract children as well as adults to enjoy this interesting world of dinosaurs.
  • Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous are the three eras covered here.
  • Dinosaur Park Dubai's Dino Museum also has replicas of primitive dinosaurs' skeletons.

Tips While Visiting Dinosaur Park Dubai

  • It is suggested that you dress modestly for your time here at the park since the park has the right to refuse access to anybody dressed inappropriately.
  • Do not forget to wear comfortable walking shoes, preferably sneakers, as this day trip would include a lot of walking and waiting in long lines.
  • It is also recommended that you cover up in jackets and wools as this place only opens up in the winter months. Carry a jacket as well to make sure you’re warm in the cold winter evenings.
  • It is suggested that you spend at least 3 hours so that you could make the most of your trip and cover the major attractions as well as some hidden gems.

  • Definitely carry a camera to record and capture some great photos to adorn your social media feed.

  • If you are coming with your babies, make sure to carry a stroller as they would not be able to walk for such a long time and will instead become very fussy.

Know Before You Go To Dinosaur Park Dubai

How To Reach
Rules And Regulations
Best Time To Visit

How to Reach:

By Metro: The nearest metro station to Dinosaur park is the Al Jafiliya metro station, which you can reach by taking the M2 metro line.

By Bus: The nearest bus stop is the Al Jafiliya Landslide metro stop1, which can be reached through Bus no. 11, 21, 27, 55, 88, x92, and x28.

Cab: Hire a taxi or a cab to the park directly. However, this would cost you more than public transportation.

Location and Timings:

Location: Zabeel Park Gate 6 & 7, Dubai 50006 United Arab Emirates

Timings: Saturday to Thursday: 04:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Friday: 04:00 PM to 12:00 AM

  • Food outlets are available inside the premises of the park, hence visitors are not allowed to bring their own food.
  • It is tobacco free, alcohol free and smoke free.
  • One dinosaur park Dubai ticket allows one visitor only.
  • The park does not permit animals to enter, hence visitors are not allowed to bring their pets.
  • Photography inside the park would require prior permission from the management. Hence if you wish to shoot for special occasions, you first need to get the required permits.
  • Automobiles and portable gadgets are not permitted inside the premises of the park.

The best time to visit the Dinosaur Park Dubai would be in the afternoon hours as you will be able to take a complete exploration tour of the park comfortably. The temperature remains moderate and you will also find less crowd during this time. The Dinosaur Park remains open only in the winter months.

Other Things To Experience At Dubai Garden Glow

Glow Park

Glow Park was built by hand and features handmade lights. The one-of-a-kind environmental-friendly models are expertly crafted and created with a beauty that leaves an indelible impression on the minds of all who see them. Glow Park comes every Season with a new theme which will delight and thrill you at the same time, making sure you come back for each new season. It has covered 3 Seasons by now. Season 1 paid homage to the world’s natural treasures, whereas Season 2 emphasized on environmental issues. Season 3, on the other hand, featured an underwater theme with amazing exhibits that will fascinate you about the underwater world.

Ice Park

The Ice Park is one of the best in the Dubai Glow Garden to soak in the beauty of the sculptured ice creatures. You will get to come across a wide range of scaled down versions of creativity by many sculptors from all over the world. The Ice Park achieved overnight success with its debut in 2020 at the Garden Glow. Over 5000 tonnes of ice have been sculpted by over 150 artists from all across the world to give birth to an extraordinary landscape which mesmerizes the visitors and makes them doubt the reality.

Magic Park

The Magic Park is a fairly new section of the Glow Park which brilliantly mixes art with science, creating over 25 fascinating illusions. During your visit to this place, you will come across a number of geometric shaped exhibits that create hypnotic optical illusions.

Art Park

The new member of Glow Garden is the Art Park which has also become the subject to instant success. It is the hard work of 200 artisans from different nooks and crannies of the world. The bright and colorful installations of this park took about 60 days of work and have successfully captured the hearts of all the visitors of the park. Art Park features approximately 500,000 kinds of repurposed materials which have been turned into beautiful creatures like swans, a king cobra, a panda and a bull.

Dinosaur Park Dubai FAQ's

What are the facilities available at Dubai Dinosaur Park?

  • Washrooms - As you will be spending your entire day in Dubai Dinosaur Park, there are washroom facilities available in the premises, separate for both the genders and one for differently abled.
  • Food outlets - The dinosaur park Dubai offers Numerous food outlets of top fast food chains in the premises to satisfy your hunger and cravings after you have toured the entire park.

What to wear at Dubai Dinosaur Park?

As Dubai Dinosaur Park is open during the winter months, it is recommended that you cover yourself up pretty well in jackets and woolens. Also carry an extra jacket if you plan to stay till sundown. It is also recommended that you wear walking shoes, preferably sneakers, as the tour involves walking for long distances at a time.

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What’s so special about Dubai Garden Glow?

Dubai Garden Flow is a very special section of the Dubai Dinosaur Park. Approximately 10 million energy saving bulbs and kilometers of repurposed glowing textiles are used to light the park's stunning artworks and statues, which are produced by artisans from all across the world.

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How much Dubai Garden Glow is far from Dubai Frame?

The distance between Dubai Garden Glow and Dubai Frame is about 2.9 km via Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St/D88. You can cover the distance within 6 minutes by car.

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