Nearby Attractions of Dinosaur Park Dubai

Nearby attractions of Dinosaur Park in Dubai are powered by live music shows and other performances by the best talents in the UAE. Main attractions near Dinosaur Park Dubai include happy forest, sea world, My Dubai, Happiness Street, Colourful world, Magical nights, the glow park, dinosaur park, and ice park. The famous Dubai Park is a unique celebration of light and colours. The park is a renowned entertainment and leisure venue for families and children.

With various artistic contributions from across the world, the park showcases various enchanting light sculptures worldwide. Be it a Cinderella’s glowing carriage, a glittering Burj Khalifa, giant jellyfish dancing to the sound of music, you should buy the tickets to this park. Every year Dubai Park holds a temporary exhibition in Zabeel Park. Various technicians, engineers, and artists from all across the world come to create a fascinating exhibition.

10 million energy-saving bulbs, more than 100 animatronic Dinosaurs, miles of recycled luminous fabric, and the biggest Ice sculpture made with 5000 tons of ice make this exhibition special.You can experience ‘glow by night’ and ‘art by day’ as the garden comes to life after sunset only. Visitors can also learn about energy-saving, and environment-friendly techniques as the garden seamlessly integrates environmental sustainability into a world-class design. You can Access diffeerent kind of fun with the booking of Dinosaur park tickets

Glow Park
Glow Park

Dubai Glow Park is the biggest ‘glow in the dark’ park made of yards of recycled luminous fabric and 10 million energy-saving bulbs. The ticket to glow park will open gates for various activity zones, i.e., Garden glow and dinosaur park.The park is inspired by multiple mesmerising experiences in the world. The glow park installations will take you through the wildebeest migrations to the wilds of Masai Mara to unending tulip gardens inspired from the Netherlands.

It also offers the most exotic environment of the world’s oceans. Glow Park features a tribute to worlds of wonder, conservation, nature, and the underwater world. The magical installations at this park will walk you through the various overwhelming journeys.

Ice Park
Ice Park

Ice Park in Dubai is the best place to soak up the glory and beauty of animal sculptures on the ice. The park is a showcase of craftsmanship with a scaled-down version where nature and art converge beautifully to reflect wildlife. The park takes into an outrageous and highly contrasting ambiance in the tropical climate and warm weather. The unique park is created skilfully using more than 5000 tons of ice.

Around 150 talented artists from across the world have contributed to complete the ice sculptures of the Ice age, mini-Dubai and children’s play area, and much more. To maintain the sculptures, the temperature of this park is set to -7 to -8 C.

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Magic Park
Magic Park

Magic Park of Dubai embraces art and science along with 3D artworks and 25 fun exhibits that are made to surprise you. The park is a world of fascinating optical illusions utilised in visual arts. This unique form of art used in magic parks uses geometric forms to make hypnotic optical effects. The park is a new addition to the list of Dubai parks. For kids and adults, the park is a fun place to visit. Magic Park is the best place to capture weird yet funny photographs. It is also a perfect Instagram location as the place alone can give you numerous attractive clicks to boost your Instagram followers for weeks.

Art Park
Art Park

The park is a magnificent hub for art lovers. The art park is not just a visually appealing destination; it is also a unique platform that allows wide-scale representation and recognition for local artists who get the opportunity to showcase their talent at Garden glow Dubai Park. While visiting the park, let your imagination run loose and experience the beautiful creations. The fascinating part is that the creations echo values of modern scope via powerful messages and eco-friendly materials. Different artists assemble various art pieces from all across the world. You can sit peacefully and try to find the deep meaning of these art.

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How long will the Dubai Garden Glow be open?

    Dubai garden glow opens in the evening only from 4 PM to 11 PM daily. On Saturday, it opens from 4 PM to 12 AM.

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